Menyoli Eric Ngesang, often going by the shorter M.EN, He is  best known by his fans simply as BeeJay. Born on April 22, 1990 to legendary percussionist and bottle dance musician Nchindia Charles whose expertise for playing the BOTTLES, a traditional African BEATS, has been touted as "unrivaled," He was grateful for his family musical background that later on did helpful in paving the way for him to embark on a musical career . Born in North west, He grew up in YDE with his mom Delphine Anjoh where he attended his primary school before he left to meet his dad and his family IN NORTH WEST.He returned to  YDE in 2009 and settled in Biyem- Assi when he was seventeen. While in Biyem- Assi, he discovered hip-hop for the first time by the time he started hanging around with local thugs crowd. Initially attended night shows like Arabian nite,Models Nite,Cabarel Club etc he did everything against the school regulation and was kicked out after busted for selling his CDs in School,he  later on attended the English High School in YDE 2009/2010 then later on returned to PCHS KUMBO WHERE he  obtained his A.levels .
2011/2012 when i got to the UNIVERSITY Soa,things were tough but he did all continue my goal in educatin yet the Practical learning was becaming hard,he also became popular for his CHOICE OF CAREER in the university bravery in the AMPHI HALLS AND CULTURAL WEEK. and Youths Day.
Today i present to you my solo Album WHERE WE DI GO with a diversity of love songs and party like groves.