MELCUBE ENDS THE YEAR IN GRAND STYLE. with " See You In Ma Nightmares"

After prooving to be one of the most active Cameroonain English HipHop artist in 2012; Melcube decided to end the year in grand style by Giving his fans a sneak of what awiats them in 2013 from him."See You In My Nightmares" a typical rap single that you will love to hear agian and again.His yaer was marked by a very busy schedule of  relaesing his Album "Lotus Sp" which is still claiming commercial sucess till date and releasing "Say it" video which claimed the top spot in most camer hip hop charts... to him grazing the biggiest scenes in camer Hip Hip.With such energy;drive; and originality you surely be seing melcube in your sweetest most  positve nightmares of 2013.Stay tuned and tell a friend to tell a friend.