After a long wiat the video of one of the most sort for cameroonain rapper drops and leaves poeple with mixed emotion.the video has so much to talk and laugh about .But don`t take our word for it watch and be the judge.


New Rap Tv Show: RAPMANIA

Hey guys, hope all of you are doing OK. Well, here at aMUSIC we are currently working on the production of our first tv program RAPMANIA – Season 1, to be broadcast 1st of June 2013 on STREAM TVHD and CRTV. Presented by the a rap thriller YANN-P WEST. You will enjoy Cameroonian Hip Hop again, only this time produced professionally.
Salut ttlemonde. Vous allez bien j’éspère. Chez nous a aMUSIC, nous bossons sur la Saison 1 de notre premiere emission télé RAPMANIA presenté par l’eloquant rappeur YANN-P WEST, qui sera emisse sur STREAM TVHD et la CRTV le 1re Juin 2013. Vous allez aimé le Hip Hop Camerounais une fois de plus en produit de quaulité pro.


Menyoli Eric Ngesang, often going by the shorter M.EN, He is  best known by his fans simply as BeeJay. Born on April 22, 1990 to legendary percussionist and bottle dance musician Nchindia Charles whose expertise for playing the BOTTLES, a traditional African BEATS, has been touted as "unrivaled," He was grateful for his family musical background that later on did helpful in paving the way for him to embark on a musical career . Born in North west, He grew up in YDE with his mom Delphine Anjoh where he attended his primary school before he left to meet his dad and his family IN NORTH WEST.He returned to  YDE in 2009 and settled in Biyem- Assi when he was seventeen. While in Biyem- Assi, he discovered hip-hop for the first time by the time he started hanging around with local thugs crowd. Initially attended night shows like Arabian nite,Models Nite,Cabarel Club etc he did everything against the school regulation and was kicked out after busted for selling his CDs in School,he  later on attended the English High School in YDE 2009/2010 then later on returned to PCHS KUMBO WHERE he  obtained his A.levels .
2011/2012 when i got to the UNIVERSITY Soa,things were tough but he did all continue my goal in educatin yet the Practical learning was becaming hard,he also became popular for his CHOICE OF CAREER in the university bravery in the AMPHI HALLS AND CULTURAL WEEK. and Youths Day.
Today i present to you my solo Album WHERE WE DI GO with a diversity of love songs and party like groves.

BLUE NITE .The Biggiest Party To Grace Buea Town in Febuary!

If there is any place you should be on friday the 8th of febuary ; its the BLUE NITE PARTY AT THE BOSALLY COMPLEX IN BUEA. It promises to be one of the best V.I.P parties that will be seen in buea for a long time.With a star packed list of artirsts like B.J, Yung Time and Campton (380) Banye,Viru,Spax, Back Space, Black LM,Rym Killers,Bee Jay,Cool Abdelo,Kay Killer,Casale and many others  in attendence you dont want to hear about this.Come and Celebrate music at its best.

PASS: 2kolo+drink+gift 1st 50 girls free
J&B/ Baileys: 25kolo
Vodka: 25kolo
*4persons* Champy: 50kolo
CHICHA: 3kolo



There are few groupes in Africa with four talented singers if you have noticed. When you put four ( Saltiel, Blaise-B, Myra and Rude Bway) extreemly talented guys in a studio it produces Da Thrill.The new sensation of Camer music that is blending original kamer styles of music into Hip Hop,Rnb and other imported popular styles of music.Thier music range to all sort of purposes,relaxing,club bangers,soul searching you name it...their new single brings a new sorth of look to what will be the future of camer music.Listen and be the judge.

MELCUBE ENDS THE YEAR IN GRAND STYLE. with " See You In Ma Nightmares"

After prooving to be one of the most active Cameroonain English HipHop artist in 2012; Melcube decided to end the year in grand style by Giving his fans a sneak of what awiats them in 2013 from him."See You In My Nightmares" a typical rap single that you will love to hear agian and again.His yaer was marked by a very busy schedule of  relaesing his Album "Lotus Sp" which is still claiming commercial sucess till date and releasing "Say it" video which claimed the top spot in most camer hip hop charts... to him grazing the biggiest scenes in camer Hip Hip.With such energy;drive; and originality you surely be seing melcube in your sweetest most  positve nightmares of 2013.Stay tuned and tell a friend to tell a friend.


Singer songwriter Patrice Aime was born in Cameroon, West Africa. Growing up, music was a part of Patrice's everyday surroundings, so it was inevitable that he would find himself playing drums for one of school bands. He continued drumming after graduating high school, and he went on to play and sing with some of the local dance bands. This granted him the opportunity to perform at many colleges and popular venues throughout the region.
In 1992, Patrice co-released a recording project with a Cameroonian band called Sans Frontiere. His first solo album, Desolation debuted in 2000. It featured Makossa music, a style that originated in the urban areas in Cameroon. 
Patrice Aime can be considered a cosmopolitan person because he has traveled to several regions of the world to experience new cultures. He earned a degree in Business Law from Europe, and has worked as a journalist. Patrick is also fluent in several languages including French, Spanish, English, and three African dialects. His travels have exposed him to a diversity of musical sounds from around the world. International recording artists like James Brown (USA), Seal (UK), Hugh Masekela of South Africa, Fela Ramson Kuti of Nigeria, and Manu Dibango from Cameroon are all influences of his musical style.
Patrice believes that music is the one language that can break all cultural barriers, because it expresses the sincerity of one's soul. His latest project entitled AMOUR is a blend of rich sounding Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz with an under-tone of Patrice's African heritage.
In 2004, he released a maxi-single of songs from this project to hear feedback from the public, and the response was overwhelming. "People want to hear music that makes them feel good about life," says Patrice, "and that's what I wanted to deliver when I produced this CD".
AMOUR contains songs of joy, love, and unity. These are things we all need more of and this is why Patrice's music has such universal appeal. The songs are as diverse as Patrick's cultural experiences. Many say it is music medicine that will capture your spirit and heal what ails your soul. AMOUR is a must have for the lover in all of us.
Watch out for the upcoming album on febuary.

Arré & A.C.E. & Ojonery - Je Te Ya Mo (Dami Duro Remix)

Another banger you dont wanna miss!! From the frontliners BLACKTRIANGLE  AFRICA
Produced by Simo Jandie, "Je Te Ya Mo" is the highly anticipated Cameroonian remix of Davido's "Dami Duro" by BlackTriangle's artists : (Pop sensation) Arré , (R&B Crooner) A.C.E & (Rapper) Ojonery.Download: http://wasa.me/z6s2


Hello peolple, as the camer hiphop keeps revolusionising every day, here we have an upcoming artist, Prince Nas who have been in the game for quite sometime now but has finally taken a bold step by dropping his new promo single “Shake Ur Booty” from his coming up album tittled “Footprints”. He’s been norminated under 3 categories for the upcoming Limbe City Hiphop Awards scheduled for the 30th of December 2012. Prince Nas has been performing in music shows, night clubs and parties around Limbe City. With his Cameroon pidgin-english rap originality, he aims on collaborating with other Camer hiphop artists to take the Cameroon hiphop music to a next level. Enjoy his new single, a club banger.
Free download: http://t.co/KnTQ8IJD
Youtube: http://youtu.be/QU6Og45hbDQ



Born in 1988 in the North West Province of Cameroon, South African based Denzyl aka Denzyl Tebong fully stepped into the music world with his first single “U stole ma love away” from his debut demo album “E don Blow” back in 2008. A track produced by Scratch Records which was well received in Cameroon and which helped to seal his position as the new face of Afrobeats music.

After a few months of travelling and collaborating with some of South Africa’s finest on tracks such as “She don jazz me”, “E don tey” remix and “Can’t take it away”, Denzyl finally dropped “Leaveam so” his first single this year of his upcoming second album entitled “Tchuku Tchuku Beef”.

“Leaveam so” showed a collaboration between Denzyl’s record label, Red Eye Entertainment and the current new boys in town putting their stamp on the Cameroon music industry; MuMaK. The track was written by Le Monstre, with the video direction and conceptualisation done by the wizard with a camera, the hottest video director in Cameroon at the moment – February 16th.

Recently, he laid down some lyrics on a studio track entitled “Do U Really Wanna Know” with one of Nigeria’s biggest music export and EME’s baddest boy, Wizkid.

With his charisma and youthful charm, Denzyl is definitely another artist right out of Cameroon to watch out for.

Email: redeyelabel@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/iamdenzyl
Twitter: @Iam_denzyl


Yann P feat. Loed (unstopable) Brand new single

 G3 Studios drops hit after hit and this time around is a complete camer shot.With both french and english acts doing thier thing on the traditional verse/choross rap style but with a little more camer perspective to it.Listen to the song and fell the swagga and make  sure you tell a friend to tell a friend.


Brand new single from camer's most swaaggish rapper G Reign  featuring Cwitch.A song like non you've heared from a camer rapper before.Titled BLOWING ASHES and will surely blow you with his well crafted lyrics and a captivating world class video Shot in nigeria.
There-you-go people, Blowing Ashes the  classic...Download, Share and tell a friend to to tell a friend. Enjoy


 The most swaggish  of camer RnB artist drops another smashing hit "Brekete"  a song that wont disappoint for an artist of his potfolio.Enjoy the song and make you tell a friend.


Independent Cameroonian Music Label , Red Eye Entertainment shall be imprinting its first indelible mark in Cameroon urban music history with a mega concert to take place in Buea on Wednesday 12th December, 2012. The label is the brainchild of well-acclaimed Afro-beat star Denzyl and his manager Ray Allino. Recently signed to the label is the exciting musical duo birds Fluri Boyz. The label has as primary objective to showcase Cameroonian talents in the sphere of urban music and raise them to the spotli
ght/fulfil their celeb dreams by exposing them to their audience,fans and also fussing them with other made acts. The Maga show shall be Headlined by Internationally acclaimed "DON 4 KWAT” crooner JOVI shall be the main focus of attention on that day while other scintillating performances shall be done by Denzyl, Magasco, Steveslil ,West Don and Fluri Boys. Don't miss this blast of the year...




Sona The Voice,

Sona Lionel Ekumeri (born June 25, 1986), better known for his stage name Sona The Voice, is an American hip hop songwriter of Cameroonian origin.[1] Sona was named Lionel by his mother (Mama J), who was a big fan of Lionel Richie.[2]
After he was born, he was placed in the hands of his dying great-grandmother, who named him "Ekumeri", meaning "it met me" after a long period of being asked by her cult members to sacrifice him. The name Sona on the other hand means gold and nobility.
Just before he was born, in May 1986, Sona's father moved to the US to pursue a career to support his family. He took up residence in Maryland to begin school and eventually become a computer engineer. By doing so, it meant leaving his two sons to be raised by his mother and grandmother and their seven children.
Sona’s childhood was typical of most African children: poverty, misery, and crime surrounded him. Sona and his older brother, Emmanuel were given a quick and swift lesson in street life.[citation needed]
Sona was still able to keep his mind focused on school and rise to the top of his class. At the age of 14, Sona and his brother both received a grant from the Cameroonian government for 40,000 ₣ (about $4,000 US) for their academic excellence. The young boys used the money to support their grandmother, who had previously supported them. With the last bit of money from their grant, the boys invested in a Sega Genesis, which was a rare luxury in Cameroon.
One afternoon, while playing Streets of Rage, the two brothers began to freestyle over the instrumental track playing in the last stage of the game. Taking turns, they rapped about whatever came to their mind and immediately realized their gift for rap. Sona and Emmanuel continued to rap with each other whenever they had the opportunity and quickly started generating a buzz within their circle of friends.[citation needed]
A local radio station held a weekly contest where listeners could call in and rap on air and be judged by the local DJs. One local store owner encouraged Sona to call into the radio to showcase his talent and even offered the young rapper money from his cash register to make the call. Sona found the nearest phone booth, called into the station and laid down his best lyrics. He ended up winning the contest and started to blow up in the MC scene. Before he knew it, he was playing cabaret clubs, winning rap battles and earning the title of the best MC in Cameroon.
It wasn’t long before a local label wanted to sign Sona. Peace Maker Records, from the Cameroon capital Yaoundé, offered Sona a deal for 1,000,000₣ to record and distribute a full-length album of his original tracks. Just as the deal was being finalized, Sona got a call from his father, inviting him and his brother to America. It was a chance of a lifetime and the brothers couldn’t say no.
He enrolled in the pre-med program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but ultimately graduated in 2006 with a degree in biochemistry. In 2006, he founded his own label, Imperial Records, and got back into the studio and started recording his debut album, titled Man in the Mirror. His first single, "Dreams", climbed on the #2 spot on the CMJ spot upon its release. Man in the Mirror sold 2,000 copies through solely self distribution methods.
After the release of his first album, Sona took to film making to express himself. His debut film endeavor was titled Behold Something Bigger Than Tupac and critiques the bling-and-thug mentality in hip hop music. Filmed on three continents—Africa, Europe and in the U.S.—Sona's film is a commentary on many social issues plaguing youth today, including poverty, hunger and violence in rap music. Most of these things, he's experienced first hand. In his film, which took about a year to complete, Sona takes on the role of The Voice, a character unafraid to stand up to the prevalent negativity by presenting a positive message of hope. The film premiered Sunday, August 24[when?] at the Miramar Theatre.
The references to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, an artist known equally for his social activism as well as his raw, controversial lyrics of ghetto life, work as a metaphor throughout the film. Sona believes Shakur to be one of the genre's greatest voices and insists that after his death the genre has lost its heart and vision.


   Stypac Samo      

Born on September 11th 1987, Stypac Samo a.k.a Darlin Roland is a Douala-bred afro soul, zouk and Hip Hop artist. He started his music career at the age of 14 influenced by Wes Madiko and other African music legends, evident in his stunning vocals. He was part of Baobab band in his secondary school days. He found fame after emerging semi finalist at the 2009 edition of Mutzig star in Buea. Since then his song ”chi mami’ dropped in March has been a top hit on Canal 2 charts. He is under the management of JFT productions. ”Chi mami” was produced by M1 Studios



L’événement Annual Show se déroulera du 26 Novembre au 1er Décembre à Douala.

Dans l’optique de valoriser davantage nos talents jeunes et confirmés, L’Annual Show Fashion Week 2012 offre aux artistes de passage ou résidents au Cameroun une scène promotionnelle et professionnelle  Couverte par une quinzaine de médias d'ici et d'ailleurs, du 26 au 30 Novembre 2012 dans les rues du St Johns Plaza à Bonapriso, Douala. Pour les jeunes artistes, nous pouvons proposer  quelques séances de coaching scénique.

Déposez au St John's Plaza une Biographie, un cd audio et un support Vidéo.

Contact  Yaoundé: Culturebene.com (22 79 22 13)



 A La découverte de Cbry Akono Cbry Akono, de son vrai Bruno Brice Patrick Akono est un jeune Réalisateur - Infographe- Beat maker camerounais.
Cbry Akono
©  Cbry Akono
De son vrai nom Bruno Brice Patrick Akono, Réalisateur - Infographe- Beat maker entre dans le monde musical dans les années 96 à travers le label mythique de l'époque P.O.C Records initié par un grand programmateur musical Djs Panebo, il est connu sous le nom de Cbry Akono. Cbry s'applique très vite dans ce domaine et se retrouve à travailler aux cotés de Panebo dans des projets (Oliviera, les groupes Idole Kpu et Cfa). Bruno Brice Patrick Akono (Cbry) ne s'arrêtera pas là. En 2003 il crée un label appelé (TASK PROF FIRM) avec un des ses amis d'enfance Yvan Amougou a.k.a Mr Raifa Layim. 4ans plus tard il se retrouve dans l'univers de l'audio-visuel et montera des habillages Tv et Jingle qui attireront l'attention du Directeur Général d'une chaine de Télévision Privée (Ariane tv) et sera recruté en tant que infographe et réalisateur. Artiste et amoureux du hiphop, il décide d'apporter sa pierre à l'édifice en mettant sur pied des programmes tels que : 2H, ATV SOIR avec ses collègues André Soun et Visley Oyié sur Ariane TV.

En 2008-2009 Cbry a travaillé dans des projets et festivals tels que : (ABOK I NGOMA) En tant que réalisateur et chef de la production en collaboration avec la CRTV Télé (MBOA AWARDS) et la même année une de ses réalisations avec le groupe de rap Square roots sera nominée dans la catégorie meilleurs vidéogrammes au MBOA AWARDS mais hélas il n'obtiendra pas le prix. Il a participé à des projets en tant que réalisateurs :

Youkou kla (reegay music)
Rhalym's (s'il fallait)
Maahlox (le son du ghetto)
Raifa layim (Africa holocaust)
Morsure (Assez)
Universel (Trouver en elle)
Valsero (vas voter version 2011)
Xzafrane feat Valsero ( le langage des armes)
Kund'eyala (le son du griot et levez vos mains)
Kazam la flam (viens danser)
Tonton Radjou (Mama kankan et Afro dancehall)
Izmo ( jeunes)
3e Skdron ( Liturgie).
Depuis 2010 Cbry akono travaille comme infographe et réalisateur à VISION 4 TV. Il gère actuellement une émission télé « Kmer Street » ou il fait la promotion de la culture camerounaise et des musiques urbaines. Avec son label « Task prod firm » il bosse sur un projet (Or et poussière) de l'artiste rappeur Raifa Layim.

(00237) 98 08 80 96
          (00237) 96 82 65 31
cbryakono@yahoo.fr,  taskprodfirm2003@yahoo.fr.

facebook: patrick cbry akono



   I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed but I am bound to live the best life that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right and part from him when he goes wrong. [Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865, Sixteenth President of the USA)] 



Après la première édition qui a suscité plein d’attention dans la mode
« Street- Wear » au Cameroun, le Premier rendez-vous des designers
d’Afrique et du Cameroun en particulier revient cette année avec plus
de promesses que jamais.

Des jeunes designers viennent de divers horizons exposer leur  amour
pour la culture urbaine.

Evènement parrainé par la communauté urbaine de Douala  et
exclusivement  managé par INMAG, KAMER URBAIN et OUR AGENCY , I LOVE
FASHION STREET  comme nous le dit  Alexandre kwedi de L’agence  « Our
Agency » a  été mis sur pied dans le but de promouvoir   d’une part
l’auto-emploi  de la jeunesse camerounaise, et d’autre part  l’esprit
de créativité qui  sommeille  chez les jeunes, ceci à travers les
produits textiles  commercialisables. Tout ceci est donc  effectué
dans le souci de pouvoir accompagner  l‘Etat dans sa politique
d’entrepreneuriat  chez les jeunes.

Dans  un contexte ou les disciplines de la culture urbaine sont un
tout petit peu  marginalisées I LOVE FASHION STREET se révèle comme
l’un des événements essentiellement consacré aux designers de la «
street-ware ».

Conférence de presse Foire, expo-vente, Forum et débats sur  l’avenir
de la « street-ware »  au Cameroun, concerts géant  invitation  des
autorités de la ville de Douala, voici la un aperçu de la prochaine
édition qui se tiendra pendant une semaine c'est-à-dire du 17 au 24
décembre 2012 a Douala.

Pour toute participation, information et tout renseignement  sur  les
modalités d’inscription veuillez contacter  les différents
responsables des différentes directions décrites au bas de la page.

Exclusif manager

Ahmed Mustapha. Tél : 0023773092716 / 0023796874882

festivaldutshirt@yahoo.fr  ,  kurbainber@yahoo.fr


Directeur  artistique : Kenne kenetia  Armand 0023794485483

Direction de communication: Bile fried 0023794945686

Plus de détails sur www.kurbain.com