About Us

             Founded on september 2012 , Camer Swagg started as a blogg which was to expose cameroonian talent  to the world through online media and due to the positve camments and much attention generated it went on to become a fulltime online magazine website with a more improved professional diversed objectives but yet keeping its original ideas. CamerSwagg made use of the social media facebook,twitter and other platforms to inform cameroonains both home and abroad,national and international about the great idea. Since then it has grown at a rate of about 50percent per week for every aditional week of  its existience and is still growing at the moment.Since its creation camer swagg has recieved positive reviews from big names both in the music industry and media.......one of cameroon leading artist and media man in cameroon Awillo famousely Qouted......"Camerswagg is the best initaitve by a cameroonain youth this year and its fast becoming a refrence point for most cameroonains wanting to contribute in biulding the industry..........i think they  will go places and will compete with the best in africa."


        Camer Swagg's main objective is to search into the four coners of cameroon and  cameroonains abraod and find the biggiest and most amazing talents then carefully select the best of it and expose it to the world.Presenting each talent without external inflence or bias.
                 Camer swagg also brings to her audience the news that matters the most in the music industry,be it from already popular or yet to be discored artist.We bring the news or recent events to our public in most clearity and originality.
             Camer swagg also bring to thier audience countdowns in variouse domians and top playlist every week in  most detailed accuracy and documentation.In this way we hope to keep our audience up to date with latest  hits,poeple,topics,ideas and debates invading the public places, radio's,tv online and all other medai platforms.
           Camer swagg also brings many educative, entertaining, interesting, encouraging, awakening,debative,construtive,inteligent and well investigated documentaries to it audience week in and week out.Both on audio pothcast  and written form.
                  Camerswagg also exclusively premiers collaborations,singles,mixtapes and albums of over a thousand up to standard urban artist in cameroon and abroad.
             Camer swagg also offers a online free  download of legal music offered  by camerooanin artist both home and abroad.Over 30000 and incresing  songs available on free download.


  To inssure a continues flow of visitors and viewers to our site we adopt several measures....
1) We currently poses a well designed website with the most sort for Search engine meta tags about the cameroonain music industry.And we also have special engineers for S.E.O (search engine optimisation) and trafic management.making sure that poeple searching for what so ever about cameroon music can always have our website as refrence point.
2)we have a team of facebook,twitter other and social media promotoin.View the number of cameroonains on facebook our promotions are mostly on facebook.We have a team of fifteen(and ading) members charged with the job of promotng the articles on facebook with each of them belonging to aleast 1000groupes of more than 3000members.tThey constantly post the  website's article links with captivating and atractive headings to each and every one of these groupee to iform the online cummunity about the updates and ensure continues traffic.We also have a facebook page that has hundreds(and counting) likes making us to reach a certain number of online likers each time we post an article.
3)  We give the artist being exposed to our site the reponsibility of informing as many poeple as possible about his apearation on our magazine and to urge them to visite by sharing the article fully on social media and by telling other verberly(note that we do not let our articles be inflenced by this weather or not an artist have the ability to sensitise and generate visitirsif he has talent he would still be exposed on our magazine)
4)We also have afilait and partner websites that treat different or similar issues online that costantly refere us to thier audiences  there are also many other websites known and unknown to us that recomend us on all thier platforms and online servecies.
5)we are also working on doing a a poster campaign on the major cameroonain towns.were by we will design posters that can be pasted on every wall around major towns to inform the poaple about our magazine and its services.